Integral United – weaving an international network

As global integral awakens, a permanent organization can hold and develop our networks to enable integral practitioners to become more effective in the world. 

Integral United, a newly established organization, invites you to co-create this unified entity that aims to bridge the vastness of the integral-verse for a collaborative impact in promoting integral consciousness.

Since the Integral European Conference in 2018, a group of us, mostly based in Europe, have been working to build the basics for this international association.

We have established a core group with a culture of trust and cooperation, a legal container (under German law), several circles on emergent issues, and a website to connect the online community of practitioners.

The next step is to co-create with you and weave a global network. Some objectives we are now pursuing: to find and connect experts, translate and publish media, implement a developmental assessment tool, activate the online platform, raise an integral voice in politics, and continue to develop integral theories and practices.

We invite you to join in, to name your interests, to share visions, to establish links and structures, and to take responsibilities. Integral United can thrive as the container of integral networks following our live gatherings, keeping up the discourse, putting our knowledge into action, as a cohesive and continually evolving whole.